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Chicago deserves fast, reliable internet without complications.

Get speeds up to 1 gig in both directions – with Wi-Fi and award-winning customer service included.

No installation fees.

No annual contracts.

No expiring promo pricing.

No data caps.

No nonsense.

1 Gig
Starting at just $63 / mo 1

Fast, reliable internet for your whole home.
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  • Mesh-ready Wi-Fi equipment included 2
  • Free professional installation or self-install kit
  • No data caps or annual contracts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No added taxes or fees

We’re expanding in Chicago.

Google Fiber Webpass has added thousands of new addresses in your area and there’s more to come.

An illustration of a map describing the availability of GFiber in Chicago
Google Fiber representative providing customer service.

Customer service that respects your time and intelligence.

7 seconds

That’s our average customer service hold time. 3 (And how long it could take 1 Gig to upload a file up to 875 mb.)

Within 10 minutes

Your installation starts within minutes of your appointment time. (No half-day windows that make you sit around waiting.)

5 stars

That’s how 94% of customers that called rated our customer service. And how 98% of customers rated our home service visits. 4


That’s when you reach us on chat or phone. (And with a more than 99.9% reliable connection, 5 you may never have to reach us at all.)

We love the internet. So we built the kind of internet Chicago can love.

Fast in all directions

Want video calls without freezing? Streaming without buffering? Get upload speeds as fast as your downloads with 10x faster upload speeds than the US average. 6

Support that gets it

We’re working to create internet that never needs customer service. But if you do need us, we’re around day or night by phone or chat. You can even hit us up in our social DMs.

Plans how you want them: Simple

You don’t want installation fees, activation fees, annual contracts, Wi-Fi equipment fees, data caps or any more of those complications. So we don’t do that.

Wi-Fi included with no strings attached

We know it’s not just about how fast the internet gets to your wall. So we include a Google Wifi router that’s easy to set up and ready to help you get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi.

Fast internet makes a difference.

A couple is comfortably seated on a couch and enjoying a movie.

In your home

Work from home. School from home. Stream TV. And whatever you’re up to. You’ll need great internet.

A men accesing the internet from a tablet in the corner of the room.

In your business

Whether it’s for a point-of-sale system, your waiting room or your employees, get more with better internet. Get details.

A woman is adjusting the digital thermostat operating on the internet.

In your property

Get residents and business tenants connected and excited with internet that sets your building apart. Get details.


Where is Google Fiber Webpass available in Chicago?


We’re working to bring Google Fiber to more communities in Chicago. To find out if you’re eligible for Google Fiber Webpass, check availability. If your address is not yet eligible, you can enter your email address to receive updates.

How fast is Google Fiber Webpass internet?


With our 1 Gig plan, you’ll get upload and download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, or 1000 Mbps.

How much does a Google Fiber Webpass plan cost?


Our 1 Gig plan costs $70/month. Plus applicable taxes and fees.

Will I be able to use Wi-Fi with Google Fiber Webpass?


Yes. Your internet plan includes Wi-Fi with a mesh-ready router, so you can use all your devices throughout your condo or apartment.