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“It’s the most reliable internet I’ve ever had.”

- @Valteria_KC, GFiber customer


Over 90% of customers give our customer service a positive rating.3

Let everyone do their own internet thing without interruptions.2
From gigabit wireless to fiber optic, everyone deserves fast, reliable internet.

GFiber is Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass.

From fiber optic to gigabit wireless, GFiber is fast, reliable internet with one-of-a-kind customer service.

Speeds up to 8 Gigs

Our internet plans come in a variety of speeds including 1 Gig, 2 Gig, 5 Gig and our fastest yet, 8 Gig*.

*Plan, service, and equipment availability varies by address.

Award-winning customer service

9 seconds. That’s our average hold time. 1 We’re ready for you 24/7.  But with a 99.9% reliable connection, 2 you may never need to call.

Speed throughout your home

Your plan includes the equipment you need for mesh Wi-Fi. Because you want speed and reliability in every corner of your home without wires.

Even fast to get started

It’s not only free installation. You get installation that starts within 10 minutes of your appointment time 3 (not a half-day window). And for many addresses, you can set it up yourself in minutes without an installer at all.

“Fastest internet provider in the country.”

Named 2023’s Fastest Internet Provider by 4

“Few fiber providers match Google Fiber's speed potential, let alone service from cable or DSL providers.”

–CNET June 2023 5

Speed. Simplicity. Impact.

We’re growing.

add_location_alt GFiber coming soon. Stay in touch with us for more details.
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We don’t stop at status quo.

Everything we do is geared toward giving our customers a different (see: better) ISP experience.

Whether that’s developing faster speeds or a more intuitive approach to customer service, we’re continuously working toward building an internet that we want to be a part of.